Our team of wine and hospitality professionals are enthusiastic and excited to show you wine country.  Most of us have spent our career working in the wine industry, and want to share our passions with you.  What sets us apart from most other companies is that we are truly focused on providing superior hospitality and ensuring that from the first moment of contact, you feel that you’re in the best hands possible.

We are not the stuffy, polyester suit wearing limousine driver that detaches from the group. We are right in the middle of it with you, during your car ride between stops, and of course available to help throughout the day – from running errands to picking up lunch, we’ll make sure that all of your needs are met, and your day is filled with magical and memorable experiences



We love the idea that we get to spend time with people who are on vacation!  Most of us have spent our careers working in either hospitality or within some facet of the wine industry, and we just love what we do.

We have significant connections in Napa and Sonoma, and pride ourselves on making connections with our guests and our partner wineries.  We strive to ensure that when you’re visiting a winery, that you know any history we may know, and that we enhance your time at each stop. 

We really pride ourselves on being a core component of your trip to wine country because from the first moment you begin working with out team, we will ensure you have everything laid out in a way that makes sense and will ensure a successful day.