What is Cabernet Season?

Cabernet Season is what we consider to be our “slow” or “off” season in the wine country.

Winter coincides with the release of most cabernet’s, hence the name Cabernet Season. This typically lasts from November until April when the vines are somewhat barren, the wines are barrel aging and the vineyards are resting for the next season.

This is a prime time to come to the Napa or Sonoma valley where you can enjoy lower cost accomodations, and less-busy wineries where you can have a more unique, dedicated experience.

Every winery, of course, has its own personality. Choosing which ones to visit among the more than 400 in the region depends on where you’re staying, the length of your stay, and the type of experiences you’re seeking (e.g., Are you interested in wine cave tours, barrel tastings, or food and wine pairings, etc.?).

The great thing about coming to the valley during this time is that you can get last minute appointments at most appointment only wineries and you can fully enjoy your experiences.

Now, I’m not saying this is the only time to come to the Napa or Sonoma valley’s but it is a GREAT time to visit, taste amazing wines, find great options for wine tasting drivers/transportation and do it in a relaxed atmosphere!