Harvest is Upon Us!

This is post 1 of 10 on which wineries are my all time favorite!

We are so excited that Harvest has begun! For the next few weeks, we’ll have the pleasure of driving through the valley smelling that amazing fermented grape smell.

I suppose reading this, that the sound of fermenting grapes probably does not sound all that appealing, but trust me, if you have lived in the area this time of year is simply magical.

This is also the time that the valley is the busiest as many groups visit the valley to experience and understand the wine making process which typically occurs between Mid-August and goes until the first week in November. Of course, this is predicated on weather conditions and when the fruit is ready to harvest.

Coming to the valley at this time requires you to plan in advance, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time for hotel bookings, restaurant reservations and most importantly booking your winery tours and tasting experiences. I have a few wineries on my list of favorites and wanted to share them with you – today I will talk about Tres Sabores Winery

Tres Sabores is an organic/bio-dynamic working farm that has a true love of the land and it shows in all that they do. Great Zinfandel property, but a variety of wines from Rose to a Petit Syrah. This beautiful property is located on the Rutherford bench or the West side of the valley.

All of their wines are truly amazing and reflect the love of the land that Julie and Jon Johnson have when it comes to their property, and most importantly to their wine making practices.

When you drive up, you are greeted with a glass of wine outside near the crush pad area, where you get to see that this is a working winery (and they even do custom crush for other small producers). But even more important, is the greeting from their 3 amazing Golden Retrievers that live on Property. This is the essence of living and working on a family owned and operated winery.

The tour begins by walking to their gnarly vine Zinfandel vineyard where you will hear about their love of land and Zinfandel.

Next you will walk the property, meeting the sheep and guinea fowl, along with some chickens and walk through the beautiful garden that boasts edible flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Then, as you stroll back to the main tasting area, you’ll find yourself nestled either in the amazing olive grove, or up against the barn where in either location, the views are truly spectacular of the Rutherford region.

This is where you will sample the remaining wines and possibly have a small picnic if time and availability allows.

During this tour, you will more than likely meet Julie – the amazing wine maker and owner who this land is a complete reflection. She will share with you her philosophy of something great – including growing plants, cooking, wine making or just what’s going on in the region. She is a vast wealth of knowledge and a true joy to speak with.

This is an appointment only property, so while doing your planning, make sure that you get your appointment booked!

You can reach them by going to their website at or calling their main office number at 707-967-8027

Be sure to tell them that Gary with Wine Tasting Driver sent you!