Off the Beaten path wineries – Porter Family vineyards

So I started this BLOG intending to post weekly – well, a few months later and lots of distractions, here I am for another off the beaten path update!

Whenever I do an wine tasting itinerary for a group, I really try to plan a day as if I were taking my friends to some of my favorite spots. I do my best to avoid the “busy” more commercially driven wineries because, let’s face it, they have all the business they need through distribution and brand awareness.

Porter Family Vineyards is one of my go-to places that showcase the amazing wines produced in the Coombsville appellation located in the south eastern area of the Napa Valley. Being located in the southern area of Napa, one would expect cooler climate grapes like Pinto or Chardonnay growing here. But because of the proximity of the Vaca Mountain range, climate and elevation seem to produce some of the most amazing Cabernet in the valley.

Low tannin fruit, with beautiful aromas and fruit flavors are how I would describe the wines produced at Porter Family. This is a non-pretentious family owned and operated winery; proudly showcasing a beautiful cave setting, with stunning views of the Coombsville area and the downtown Napa region.

Tom Porter, the Patriarch of the family was a successful technology inventor (I won’t spoil the surprise, but if you are over 40, you have most certainly used his invention in your lifetime). The property was purchased and cultivated into a small lot producer of high quality wines.

You start your tour walking up the hill towards the cave, but go to the top of the hill first so you can experience the stunning views while sipping on their stunningly crisp Sauvignon Blanc. You will then be escorted to their beautifully crafted caves where your tasting experience will last about 75 minutes.

This is a winery that is high on my list of recommendations – one certainly not to be missed if you love big, yet supple Cabernets! Along with the flight, you will experience small cheese bites that elevate and highlight the beautiful complexities of the wines produced here.

Believe me when I say, this is a stop not to be missed!