Visiting the off the beaten path wineries

When coming to the Napa Valley, I usually recommend to my guests to take the time to visit the smaller producers.

The smaller producers are the wineries that really care about showcasing who they are, the amazing wines they produce and ultimately their passion for the wines grown in the Napa and Sonoma Valley (all over the world really, but I’m speaking from personal experience).

When going wine tasting, I always tell my guests that there are 4 components that create a visceral reaction that makes you either want to re-buy their wine or go back for another visit.

The Wines – Of course, it’s not ALWAYS about the wine but that is the reason for visiting the winery

The Person Pouring the Wine – it’s ALL about relationships in my experience. The person or host at the winery is the face of the brand, tells the story and hopefully provides some insight an education into the vast expanse of wine tasting

The Property – Tasting rooms and tasting experiences happen in all forms and in all types of locations. From expansive estates to intimate tasting rooms. Each and every one is unique and lends to the overall memory of your trip

The Story – There is so much wonderful history in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys. Each winery has a story behind the brand and it’s nice to feel connected to that winery through their family heritage.

With so many options, you are certain the find the right mix of experiences that will stay with you forever. If you need a designated driver or tour guide to help you while you’re in the wine country, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information at